Shoreline Management

Waterway continues to assist local municipalities with the review and enhancement of shoreline management practices by providing a full range of environmental and engineering services, including wave climate and sediment budget assessments and modeling, as well as “hard” and “soft” structure design for mitigating beach erosion.  All of this is accomplished through close participation with local concerns, homeowners, and federal, state and local officials.

Projects include:

  • Hampton Beach Restoration and Inlet Studies
    City of Hampton, Virginia
  • Virginia Beach Hurricane Protection Project
    City of Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • Rudee Inlet Infrastructure Improvements
    City of Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • Design-Build Marina/Shoreline Improvements
    Bolling Air Force Base, Washington, DC


Hampton Beach Restoration and Inlet Studies
Hampton, Virginia

Waterway Surveys & Engineering, Ltd. has performed a number of annual beach monitoring surveys for the City of Hampton, Virginia.  In addition to the annual beach surveys, Waterway has also completed several condition surveys of the offshore borrow area at Horseshoe Shoals, as well as at Salt Ponds Inlet.

Waterway has been responsible a number of tasks including:

  • Sediment sampling
  • Design and permitting for the deepening of the Salt Ponds channel through the inlet. 
  • Design and permitting for the beach placement of the dredged material onto Salt Ponds Public Beach as a “beneficial use” project.


After the “twin nor’easters” in 1998, the City enlisted the services of Waterway to investigate options for protecting the bay front homes and eroded dune system on Salt Ponds Beach. 

Through an emergency order, Waterway:

  • Designed a 2,000 foot geotube project to form the base of a linear dune system. 
  • Each tube was 200 feet long and was filled with material dredged from Salt Ponds Inlet.
  • Once the geotubes were filled, they were covered with sand and sprigged with beach grass to provide a natural looking system. 

During the past few years, the project has been impacted by several major storms and has not suffered any damage.


Waterway also worked with the City of Hampton on a multi-phased beach management program. 

Phase I included:

  • a baseline assessment of the shoreline conditions
  • a wave refraction analysis
  • shoreline change modeling
  • a dune erosion analysis 

Phase II included:

  • an engineering analysis to determine the best uses of beach fill and structures for comprehensive management along the shoreline

 Phase III of the plan included:

  • community interaction and education

The City hosted monthly meetings with public representatives to discuss shoreline conditions, proposed protection strategies, and project phasing. 

A final report was submitted to the City with recommendations.    




Rudee Inlet Infrastructure Improvements
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Waterway Surveys & Engineering, with their sub-consultant, Olsen Associates, Inc. of Jacksonville, FL provided environmental permitting, engineering design, and surveying services for the Rudee Inlet Infrastructure Improvements. 

Project components included:

  • Topographic and hydrographic surveys
  • Geotechnical investigations
  • Submittal of a joint permit application
  • Regulatory agency coordination to obtain the necessary permits

Engineering design components included:

  • Improvements to the north jetty (extension and tightening)
  • Replacement of a deteriorated timber weir with steel sheet pile
  • Stone groin repair
  • Shoreline stabilization improvements
  • Dune restoration 
  • Construction plans and specifications were furnished
  • Waterway assisted the City with the bid process and construction management. 
  • A significant modification to the design contract included performing a dredging efficiency study of the City’s dredging operations in Rudee Inlet.


Design-Build Marina/Shoreline Improvements
Bolling Air Force Base, Washington, DC

Waterway Surveys & Engineering, Ltd., as subcontractor to S. Powell Construction Company, was responsible for an array of tasks relating to the design-built and shoreline improvements at Bolling Air Force Base in Washington, DC. 

Tasks included:

  • Design
  • Preparation of plans and specifications
  • Submittal reviews
  • Replies to requests for information
  • Construction stake out
  • Completion of as-built drawings for rehabilitation of the marina

Work included:

  • Rip-rap shore protection
  • Steel sheet pile bulkhead
  • a new concrete boat ramp
  • Replacement of floating docks
  • Design drawings were furnished in AutoCAD
  • Specifications were furnished in SPECINTACT format

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